Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hockey Fan Hate on Twitter Drinking Game!

I can't cope anymore. It just never ends. The shit people say on Twitter during, after, and in-between hockey games (I guess that means ALL THE TIME) is terrible. I wrote about the homophobia thing in a relatively thoughtful and lengthy blog post earlier this month, but I'm just so incredibly jaded by the ongoing abuse online. It's time to resort to alcoholism. So I wrote this drinking game to help us all cope with the hate.

All players pick a team (or for the epic version, just drink for every category): homophobia, misogyny, and racism.

Now open up Twitter, use whatever relevant hashtag is appropriate to access the latest Twitter conversation about a particular hockey game or series, and follow the instructions below:

For those on the homophobia team, take a drink for every tweet containing:
  • "fag" or "faggot"
  • "homo" when not referring to whole milk in Canada
  • references to one player fucking another or being fucked in the ass
  • accusations of "gayness" ("You're so gay", "that's fucking gay", etc etc.)
  • any other homophobic bullshit
For those on the misogyny team, take a drink for every tweet containing:
  • the use of "pussy" when not referring to a cat
  • insulting references to somebody's mom: ("motherfucker" or "mofo", etc etc.)
  • references implying women are weaker than men ("XX plays like a girl", "The Sedin Sisters", etc etc.)
  • references to rape ("I'm going to bend XX's wife over a table...", "XX is going to fuck XX's wife", etc etc.)
For those on the racism team: take a drink for every tweet containing:
  • a racial slur
  • statements about foreign players and insults to their native country
  • references to "your people" or "those people"
Regardless of team, drink for every tweet containing:
  • a death threat
  • a threat to personal safety
  • a threat to destroying another city/country

Seriously, if I had started doing this at the beginning of the playoffs, I'd be dead by now from alcohol poisoning. Yes, this "drinking game" is meant to be funny; but the fact is, the language people use is exceptionally hateful and each and every tweet spouting hate makes the world we live in that much more toxic. Again, I love trash talking with other hockey fans: but there is absolutely no reason it has to include language like this. Intelligent people can chirp without resorting to hate. 

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